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*Sorry, no exchanges or returns available due to made-to-order production. If an error was made on my part I will gladly exchange or return product if it is in salable condition. Thank you.
Catnip pillow is made of flannel material and filled with polyester fiberfill and organic catnip.

Catnip toys are made of cotton material and filled with polyester fiberfill and organic catnip (I'm not skimpy on the catnip!). No strings or small, hazardous parts. (As always, use supervision when introducing cat to new toy). Toys and pillows are machine washable on delicate cycle but may lose catnip odor, so spot cleaning is advised.

Scratch pads are made with popular wood, sisal and carpet (stapels are hidden underneath material and on backside only). The thickness and heaviness of the 20X8X2 (lengthXwidthXheighth) product will prevent tipping when cat is using scratch pad, also the length and width allow a larger-sized cat to fit comfortably on the surface. Scratch pads can be hung from door knob but my cats prefer to use them flat on the floor.
Please discard catnip toys if or when they become damaged with use.
*A portion of all proceeds will benefit an animal shelter/rescue.
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